Not only are Omega oils key to our formulas, but we also source incredible plant extracts with proven skincare benefits.


Due to its soothing property, it's a great skincare ingredient for calming and protecting skin.

Extracted from the bearberry plant, this complexion-brightening antioxidant is known to work by directly inhibiting the activity of tyrosinase enzymes central to the production of melanin.

A plant extract containing a number of compounds that are great for the skin, like flavonoids and coumarins, that are thought to soothe & cleanse the skin.

Pronounced ba-coochy-ol - It’s a natural alternative to vitamin A (retinol) and naturally occurs in the seeds and leaves of the plant psoralea corylifolia in the Indian subcontinent. It has been used traditionally in Ayurveda skin-healing treatments for centuries and has been found to have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and potentially even anti-acne activity.

Also known as gotu kola or tiger grass it is a perennial herb that grows primarily in Asia. It has 4 active compounds asiatic acid, adecassic acid , madecassoside and asiaticoside which boosts antioxidant activity, speeding up recovery. It is a rich source of amino acids which means is  a great hydrator to soothe upset or compromised skin.

A plant based, highly-effective emollient, it is packed full of natural antioxidants. Historically, it was used for many skin problems. As squalane and squalene are components of your skin's natural sebum, they’re considered “natural protection agents” for your epidermis. However, we use squalane derived from olives so it is the perfect vegan option.

SHEA BUTTER - Butyrospermum Parkii Butter
It comes from the seeds of african shea trees and is widely used as a moisturiser and emollient. But it also regenerates and soothes the skin, making it perfect for any body product.